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I am a super senior at UC Berkeley, majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. My math foundation and success in MiraCosta College’s annual coding competition brought me mentorship and tutoring opportunities at MiraCosta College and UC Berkeley's Center for Access Engineering Excellence. I have received multiple scholarships for my academic performance and extensive volunteer work which resulted in being elected as one of five recipients of highest academic achievement at MiraCosta College, “The Medal of Honor”. My area of interest is human computer interaction and education. I am passionate about using technology to design and build artifacts that improve quality of life of others and my goal is to make an impact on STEM education by expanding accessibility and improving experience for younger students; especially those from underrepresented, underprivileged communities.

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Coding Languages

Spoken Languages

Courses completed at MiraCosta College

Courses completed at UC Berkeley


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University of California, Berkeley

August 2017 - Present

Bachelors in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (EECS)

MiraCosta College

January 2014 - May 2017

AA Computer Science

AA Mathematics

AA Liberal Arts


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Used polymorphism and GUIs to create a game for my second semester Java class

and got placed 3rd in MCC’s 10th Annual Coding Competition.

Developed an algorithm to generate random worlds and used it to build TiNick game. This game is written in Java and uses advanced data structures such as maps and uses StdDraw library for the graphics. The game generates a random world using the given seed and generates new worlds using random seeds after the players goes through a door. Watch it here.

Maze Game

Used Dijkstra's algorithm and advanced data structures such as graphs for group project.

Developed classes, organized our team meatings, and created UML and sequence diagrams.

Designed all the chips required to make a computer. Completed NAND to Tetris course.

Awards and Recognitions

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April 2017

The Medal of Honor for Academic Excellence is awarded each year to five students nominated by the faculty.

Sponsored by the MiraCosta College Foundation, it is the college's highest academic honor.

President's Permanent Honor Roll

December 2016

I've been Honored with being on Mira Costa's President's List for 4 consecutive semesters

and received a permanent Honor Roll after Fall of 2016.

Third Place in Coding Competition

May 2016

Participated in MiraCosta's Coding competition on the second semester of my Computer Science education

and won the 3rd place in the competition for a game I made.

Originality and Impact Prize

April 2016

Participated the Women's Hackathon at California State University San Marcos

and won the prize for Originality and Impact.

Technical Difficulty Prize

April 2017

Participated the Women's Hackathon at California State University San Marcos

and won the prize for Technical Difficulty for the app and website my team made to solve the given challenge.

Recipient of Medal of Honors

Spring 2017

This scholarship is given to five recipients of medal of honors each academic year at MiraCosta College.

California Coast Credit Union Service Learning Scholarship

Fall 2016

This scholarship is granted to five student every year who has volunteered and gave remarkble community service

MiraCosta College Scholarship

2015 - 2017

This scjolarship is granted to students with high academic standing yearly.

Elizabeth Reid Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Spring 2016

Patricia and Mark Rudolph Endowed Scholarship

Fal 2016

Work and Volunteering Experience

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I Worked at

Math Learning Center

January 2015 - July 2017

Worked as a math tutor at Mira Costa's Math Learning Center,

helped and mentored diverse population of students with different skillsets.

Topics included Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Discrete Math, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra

Computer Science Lab

August 2016 - July 2017

Worked as a Computer Science tutor at Mira Costa's computer lab,

helped students with algorithms, debugging code in Java and C++

I Volunteered At

STREAM at MiraCosta College

April 2017

Helped K-8th grade students to program a robot

Girl Tech Conference and Expo

November 2016

Helped middle school girls program a robot and shared my story with them

Sage Creek High School

January 2016

Volunteered at Sage Creek High School as a teacher assistant to help AVID students with math

MiraCosta's Chemistry Lab

Fall 2015

Volunteered at Mira Costa's Chemistry Lab as a Lab Technician

MiraCosta's Math Learning Center

Febuary 2016

Volunteered as a math tutor

Contact Information

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